7 Signs That She is Losing Interest in You

In any close relationship, ignorance is one of the most painful things that one can go through. It hurts when someone for whom we spent a significant part of our lives starts ignoring us. And if that someone is our girlfriend, it often becomes quite distracting. But there’s not much that can be done if she is ignoring you because of losing interest in you. How do you recognize that? Well, given below are 7 signs that your girl has lost interest in you:

#1. Lack of time (and communication)

Lack of time (and communication)

While it’s possible for your girlfriend to be busy if she’s just not getting time for you in a very long time… things probably mean something else. Because those who want to spend time with you will MAKE time for you anyhow! If your girlfriend is always busy, it means that she wants to break up. In that case, don’t be so ‘available’ to her every time. Let her know that you also have a life.

#2. Lack of mood

Lack of mood

It’s true that majority of relations may get cold (and even unsexy) after a few years, but if things have reached the lowest point in the bedroom and your girlfriend is never in the mood, avoids all sorts of physical contact, and you’ve not been together in a very long time… it’s highly probable that she is not interested in you anymore.

You can try to fix things by planning a sexy date night, or some other things that can bring back the spark, but if she shows disinterest in those plans as well, then there’s not much that can (and should) be done. However, you can heat things up by inviting a girl from escorts Toronto for a new experience altogether.

#3. Body language

Body language

The body language of a girl also says a lot about her interest in you. If your girlfriend is keeping a distance from you while talking, is avoiding eye contact and physical contact looks expression-less on the face while talking to you… it means that things between you’re getting over.

#4. Excessive interest in other guys

Excessive interest in other guys

It’s perfectly normal for your girlfriend to have other guy friends. But if those another guy (s) are constantly appearing in your conversations with the girlfriend, then there’s a very good chance that her interest, which used to be in you, is now shifting to someone else. And in such a situation the best thing that you can do is to step back – there’s no point indulging in a spat with the other guys, or telling your girlfriend to stay away from those guys. Interest is something that arises itself and can’t be brought forcefully.

#5. Disappearing mutual support

Disappearing mutual support

If your girlfriend no more relies on you for help and seeks out help from friends and family members instead, this is yet another sign that she doesn’t want to be with you anymore. In healthy relationships, we love taking care and we love being taken care of. If she doesn’t want you to take care of her, she will also certainly stop taking care of you as well. And that is because she doesn’t care about you now.

#6. She gets terribly annoyed

She gets terribly annoyed

It’s normal and healthy for couples to pick small fights with each other every now and then. But if she gets terribly annoyed in those fights now, so much that things get to rude and mean levels even on trivial things… it means that things between you have come to the ground.

#7. She’s preferring to spend nights with girls

She’s preferring to spend nights with girls

Last, but certainly not least, when girls want to break up and enjoy the single life once again, they start hanging out with their other single friends. They start enjoying the nightlife with girls, begin planning their vacations with them, and start doing all sorts of other things that are common among single girls. If your girl is also doing this, it’s not a good sign.

Final Thoughts

So these were the 7 common signs of your girlfriend losing interest in you. Depending on the nature of your girlfriend at least some of them – if not all – will be visible when there’s a lack of interest on her part. You can attempt to fix things, but if repeated attempts lead to failure then the best thing that you can do in such a situation is to walk away. It’s painful, but life is much more than girlfriends alone.