God supposedly took a bone out of Adam and created Eve but why he made her shorter is one of those mysteries to which we have no answers as yet. One cannot remedy the situation and down the ages, women, most of them, love tall guys. There could be any number of reasons. Let us take a few reasons why attractive women like tall men:

1. Evolution and DNA

 Evolution and DNA

DNA and evolution could be held responsible. Dutch psychologists Gert Stulp, Thomas Pollet and Abraham concluded after a study in 2013 that evolution and DNA play a role. Women perceive taller men as being stronger and more capable of protecting her and her brood and also of earning more. Women, you see, always have their eye on the main thing, so there.

2. Tall men are deemed to be attractive

Tall men are deemed to be attractive

On a less serious note, guys assume that women love tall guys because they look attractive and have a great personality. Women always want to own the best and make other women jealous so go figure.

3. Personal satisfaction

Personal satisfaction

Back to a more scientific explanation if what you call a random study scientific, as in the study on psychologytoday.com explained above, it is shown that women derive great satisfaction from having a tall man as the bulwark in their life. One can easily see why. They can rest their heads on his manly chest and go to sleep. They can rest their pretty heads on his shoulder and have a good cry. In any case, one cannot deny the fact that the world is biased against shorter men. No wonder Napoleon set out to prove them wrong.

4. Tall men treat petite women right

Tall men treat petite women right

In this worldview on why girls prefer taller guys, you can forget about tall men being brutes. They are perceived as the personification of everything that is manly and gentlemanly, handling women as if they are made of fine and delicate porcelain. Tall men care more for women and yet, when he wraps his arms around her, she is perfectly happy and cocooned in his strength. Ask any girl from escorts Toronto and she may confirm this postulate.

5. The ‘father thing’

The 'father thing'

Inside every woman is a girl who loved her father. Naturally, he was miles taller when she was a kid and perhaps that part of her never outgrew the impression. She looks up to her father always. The concept transfers to future life partners who must be tall father figure like.

6. You do not have to look him straight in the eye

You do not have to look him straight in the eye

Yet another reason that women may not like is that you do not have to look him straight in the eye. How can you when he is a good six or eight inches taller?  Women can tell lies while looking straight ahead or down and do it convincingly. They appear even more convincing and appealing when they look up and bat their eyelashes and eyelids. Tall men fall for such antics, hook, line, and sinker.

To be charitable to the fairer and better sex one can say that taller partners make better trophies, “something you can be proud of”.