Spending time with a partner is a great feeling which makes you feel like you are residing in heaven. But, if being committed is not your cup of tea, you need not worry as being single is even more exciting phase. Focusing on both the sides, if you think that you do not have any Valentine dates, couple pictures or goals, then you must think that freedom and money are even more important aspects to keep yourself happy that you can get effortlessly being single. Here are some reasons why being single is better than in any relationship.

1. Plenty of “Me” time

Plenty of "Me" time

If you want to know yourself a bit more with every passing day, then being single is the best opportunity to do so. Nobody will be there for whom you will have to compromise your wishes. However, you will get too much time to follow your passion and hobbies so that you can get a vast addition to your CV or resume.

2. Traveling as a free spirit

Traveling as a free spirit

Traveling with a partner is like bondage or some compromises that you will have to follow at almost every step. But, if you are traveling solo, then you can go wherever you want either it is an adventurous place, or visiting escorts Toronto to add pleasure to your life. You can manage your time as per your comfort as you would not have a partner whose timetable will affect yours.

3. No dramas to fight with

No dramas to fight with

Imagine how hard it is to maintain a balance within you and your partner. Lots of dramas are there which come across the way when you are sharing your life with someone. Thus, you can feel yourself lucky being single because you can get rid of so many of dramas that you might have to face if being with someone. Such dramas can be related to talking to another person from different gender and hugging somebody. Thus, being single is a better option.

4. Stronger friendships

Stronger friendships

Spending time with a single person seems boring at some moment. On the other hand, if you are single, then, you can spend precious moments with your friends by devoting more time to them. Whether you want to satisfy your lust feelings by meeting escorts Toronto, or you want to do the treasure hunt, only your friends can understand you without being judgemental.

5. Freedom to fly

Freedom to fly

When you are single, you need not to worry about the wishes of another person more than yours. Conclusively, you can go for long-term vacations and also you can live your individuality to the fullest as there would be nobody whom you will have to please. You can wear apparels as your wish, and also, you can stay late out of the home without feeling any guilt.

6. Night outs without guilt

If you are tied with a knot to someone, then you would think only about the candlelight dinners and some cozy moments with your loved one. But, if the scenario is about being single, then there are lots of options that get opened for the night outs. For example, you can go clubbing with your friends; you can even score hot dates for one-night stands, etc.

If you are a type of person who cannot stick to one person, or cannot dance on someone’s fingertips, then, trust me relationship does not match your wavelength.